Doing our Part

Everyone is trying to do their part for the environment and so are we. We are carrying some products to help you with that including reusable straws, zero waste bag kits, reusable snack bags, beeswax wraps, shopping totes, shampoo/ conditioner/soap bars, biodegradable scrubbies, and travel mugs/cups/bottles.

As a company we have:

  • stopped using plastic bags
  • switched our disposable straws and cups to biodegradable
  • our disposable cutlery to wood
  • we recycle every bit of waste that we can
  • we reuse packing materials or donate them to others for moving or small businesses
  • our coffee grounds go to local gardens
  • we give away day old food items instead of throwing them away
  • we offer a .25 discount to those who bring their own cup
  • we encourage customers to reuse their coffee sleeves by offering them a free beverage after 9 usescollection-of-zero-waste-durable-and-reusable-vector-23670203 (2).jpg

We are always looking for ways to improve our impact!